Sunday, November 7, 2010

2001 - ATLANTIS THE LOST EMPIRE, Disney's animated adventure epic was probably a poor choice for a film

For reasons probably only known to the executives of the Walt Disney company, the animation department produced this beautifully made animated epic adventure.  That's the main problem, it's an animated adventure epic. 

No singing princesses, no singing birds, no singing teacups and no large overblown Broadway style production numbers.  What the film did have was a cool submarine, a monster, a volcano blowing up and a Star Wars type air battle at the end which was actually pretty cool. 

Atlantis The Lost Empire has a princess but she didn't sing one note, it also has a lot of comedy relief.  The basic appeal for Disney's audience of young girls was going to be nothing,  and an audience of young boys probably wasn't going to be caught dead at an animated adventure film, from the unhip Disney Studios. 

2001 was the year of Harry Potter, the first Lord of the Rings film and yet another Jurassic Park film.  These were more in line with where kid's heads were at.

Atlantis the Lost Empire is a well made, very well designed and good looking film with lots of action.  It just shouldn't have been made. 

This is the first, second,  third film I've watched this year about the lost continent of Atlantis and surprisingly I've enjoyed them all.

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