Sunday, November 14, 2010

2010 - THE WALKING DEAD, another zombie film because the world is geting sick of teenage vampires?

Caved into the hype and watched the new AMC series, The Walking Dead.  Flesh eating zombies are everywhere, in this case Atlanta, Georgia.

Based on the comic book, this is an expensive pilot film for the upcoming TV series written and directed by Frank Darabont who has some experience with  horror films.  Since the zombie genre has pretty much been worked over for the most part,  Darabont's approach appears to be to focus on the uninfected (uneaten?) characters and there reactions to a zombie apocalypse. 

The pilot is well produced but I can pretty much see where this story is going. The deputy sheriff in search of his wife is going to find her only to realize that she is now involved with his former partner. The Walking Dead is going to end up like a zombie version of All My Children.

I think the question will be, how much money will AMC pump into this series to maintain the high production values of the pilot episode?  My guess, not much after they hook viewers on the first couple of episodes.  After all how much can it cost to smear a bunch of blue makeup on some extras and have they drag themselves around in the woods as they pretend to eat people?

70 zombie shuffling minutes.

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