Saturday, November 20, 2010

1958 - MONSTER ON THE CAMPUS, does he have office hours?

Well you see there's this professor at this community college who gets the school to buy him a million year old fish.  The fish has some kind of slime in it, so if you touch it or inject it or smoke it you revert to some kind of prehistoric beast or monster as the professor unfortunately finds out. 

Short and silly from the 1950's  Universal monster cycle and with that monster mask and those crazy rubber hands it's hard to believe this ever scared anyone.  Probably if the film has any inventiveness to it at all it's the ridiculous ways they find to get the professor to change into a monster.  The fish blood dripping into the pipe tobacco is certainly original if completely ridiculous. 

Between all the scenes of creepy hands sticking out from behind bushes and trees, it's hard to not laugh at the professor/monster's have baked musing about the nature of the human beast as if anyone is supposed to take that seriously. Still Monster On The Campus is a lot more fun than Inception.

Silly as this film is, it was remade as the big budget science fiction film Altered States, 22 years later.  Guess which version is more entertaining?

77  monstrous minutes

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