Friday, June 11, 2010

1983 - I PREDATORI DI ATLANTIDE, or Atlantis or Atlantis Inferno or The Atlantis Interceptors or The Raiders of Atlantis

A movie every cult film buff makes fun of and enjoys for it's ridiculous plot.

The lost continent of Atlantis has risen from the Atlantic Ocean, apparently near Miami, and is now being protected by a bike gang dedicated to killing everyone while they wait for the descendants of Atlantis to reappear and take over the world.  Meanwhile a group of survivors of an oil rig platform explosion are saved by two criminals on the lam for a kidnapping they took part in.  This group battles the bike gang and attempts to stop Atlantis from taking over the world.

The recap of this ridiculous plot and the low budget special effects are the appeal for cult film buffs but if you can get past the clearly intentional silliness, this is a very entertaining action film with lots of non stop and very enjoyable action.  

The movie stars TV actor Christopher Connelly, who I remember as a guest star from almost every TV show I watched in the 1960's and 70's.  How he ended up in Italy filming B movies would probably be an interesting little story, but I imagine a working actor heading into his mid 40's takes anything he can get. 

The director Ruggero Deodato, appears to have somewhat of a sense of humor even if it is a rather lame one, he has two ongoing jokes one about eating spinach dinners and the other featuring one of the characters converting to the Muslem religion. 

This B movie is just as entertaining as anything I have seen in a 100 million dollar film.  The movie is a quick 92 minutes long.  What ever it's shortcomings in plot and characterization, it more than makes up for with it's outlandishness and entertaining action scenes.

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