Saturday, November 6, 2010

1978 - GOIN COCUNUTS, Donny and Marie's film debut "It's so funny, it's a crime"

Sadly only the first 80 minutes of  Donny and Marie's film debut Goin Coconuts is available on You Tube.  Going Coconuts is the brother and sister singing team's comedy thriller about a priceless necklace  wanted by two rival criminal gangs.  The film stops at chapter 8 just when the two gangs realize that Marie has the necklace and it appears they are going to team up to steal the necklace from her.

The film has a pretty incredible cast:
  • Herb Edelman, a veteran character actor adept at comedy and drama.
  • Harold Sakata, played Oddjob in the James Bond classic Goldfinger.
  • Ted Cassidy, played Lurch in The Adams Family TV series.
  • Knigh Dheigh was the evil Chinese agent Wo Fat on Hawaii 5-0.
  • Marc Lawrence, an awesome character actor from the 1940's.

The songs were composed by The Osmond Brothers with musical supervision by Nelson Riddle. 

The IMDB website shows this as the only writing credit of Raymond Harvey.

If One From the Heart can rate a 2 disc DVD edition, surely Goin Coconuts should be worthy of a no frills release.

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