Monday, November 1, 2010

2010 - RED, fun comedy/action/thriller loaded with old guys.

 Red is about as OK an entertainment as I've seen in the theater this summer.

The film is about a retired CIA agent trying to figure out why someone is trying to kill him.  But Red is also about gathering a cast of "deliver the goods" old timers to put together a fairly fun film. 

Bruce Willis smirks his way through another tough guy role he's done this role so many times its kind of comforting to see him go at it once again, and he is pretty good at doing the tough guy action stuff.  Willis is also smart enough to step aside at times and let his cast take over.  And what a cast.

A bunch of entertaining hams are in this film.  John Malkovich plays a crazy paranoid CIA agent, Helen Mirren is the owner of a bed and breakfast who's also an assassin.  Richard Dreyfuss gets to take another shot at his Dick Cheney character from W this time playing an arms mercchant.  The film also has 93 year old Ernest Borgnine  and Morgan Freeman in small roles.  

The film also has actors like, Brian Cox. Rebecca Pidgeon, Mary Louise-Parker and James Remar.  An eclectic cast of characters to put it mildly.

An entertaining time killer to waste a couple of hours on when it comes out on Netflix and DVD this winter.  An amusing in joke of a film.

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