Tuesday, November 9, 2010

1964 - BLOOD AND BLACK LACE, giallo film is some sort of icky classic

Essentially a series of murders brilliantly staged by the director/co writer Mario Bava. 

The "who really cares" plot has something to do with a diary kept by a fashion model that will incriminate certain individuals.  The film is an excuse to murder some Italian fashion models in if I dare say the word "artistic" ways.  Blood and Black Lace also has a complex murder mystery plot that really adds nothing to the film.  The focus is completely on creative ways of sadistically killing beautiful women.

This film is not Son of Psycho, there is nothing of the careful character detail and psychological motivation that Hitchcock worked so hard to achieve.  Mario Bava was a very good cinematographer and he did a lot of the photography on the films he directed.  The film does look very good in a gaudy color kind of way.

I would love to say this film was influential on the horror/slasher genre, with films like the Friday the 13th series and the Halloween series, but I've never seen any of those films...

Blood and Black Lace walks a very fine and not subtle line between eroticism and sadism.  A very disturbing film.

88 murderous and intense minutes.

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