Friday, November 5, 2010

1934 - THE THIN MAN, the not so classic 1930's comedy mystery

While drinking as much alcohol as humanly possible Nick and Nora Charles solve the murder mystery of The Thin Man.

This 1930's film mystery/comedy is looking mighty creaky now.  The women with their extremely platinum blond hair and eyebrows plucked to the point of almost nothingness, the art deco sets and the 1930's film technique make this film look pretty dated. The viewer has to sit through a lot of plot and character introduction as the film lays out all of the suspects before the actually solving of the mystery begins, and it's a chore. 

Finally the good stuff,  we arrive at a nightclub and William Powell as Nick Charles is demonstrating how to make the perfect martini to the bartender as his wife Nora Charles, played by Myrna Loy shows up.  Powell announces that he is on martini number 6 at which point she proceeds to catch up with him.  Powell attempts to solve the murder mystery, but the film is from this point on basically a collection of jokes about excessive drinking. 

The ever silly production code in action.

William Powell is very good as Nick Charles and he does have great screen chemistry with Myrna Loy, they made a number of films together along with this series, but that's about it for The Thin Man

Some fondly remembered classic films just don't hold up anymore, The Thin Man is one of them.

93 minutes.

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