Sunday, November 28, 2010

2010 - KNIGHT AND DAY, Romantic action, comedy, thriller, blah, blah, blah

Pretty much an overblown updating of an old Avengers TV episode, Tom Cruise is the John Steed character, Cameron Diaz gets the Emma Peel part.  The film has a Hitchcock McGuffin with the two stars running around chasing something which is really just an excuse for lots of action set pieces.

The film is trying to be light on its feet by going for the Charade/Arabesque type of a film.  But it's more frenzied than clever and witty.  It's supposed to be an action thriller but there is a little too much confusing action and certainly way more phony looking CGI in most of the action scenes which really spoils them.

The two stars try to play to their strengths and maybe it's a little unfair to say it but they are not exactly a couple of spring chickens these days.  Diaz must be in her late 30's and Cruise has to be pushing 50.  They are a rather  mature couple playing basically immature characters. As if to prove they still have sex appeal they both slip on swimming suits halfway through the film.  Audrey Hepburn and Cary
Grant didn't have to stoop that low in Charade

This was apparently a rather troubled production going through 12 writers, two directors and an assorted number of stars before filming.  Knight and Day could have used an Alfred Hitchcock in his prime to mix the thriller and romance elements instead if got a director named James Mangold who is no Hitchcock.

110 pointless minutes.

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