Saturday, November 13, 2010

1950 - THE BLACK ROSE, standard adventure stuff in Technicolor!!

Pretty boring Tyrone Power adventure story, shot on location in England and Morocco. 

Power is supposed to be a young English scholar in search of adventure.  Power looks to be in his 40's so he doesn't exactly have that young scholar thing going for him.  Tyrone Power doesn't even attempt an English accent and maybe that's for the best.  Orson Welles shows up as a Genghis Khan type of character and he actually underplays his scenes for a change and is pretty good.  A french actress Cecile Aubrey, is the love interest and she acts so infantile she seems like she's brain dead. 

The director is Henry Hathaway who should have been able to do this kind of adventure story in his sleep and maybe that was the problem, he must have been half asleep, the film has no energy, it's basically a technicolor travelogue.  The cinematographer was the legendary Jack Cardiff, but this film isn't up to the level of the Powell and Pressburger pictures he worked on.

The Black Rose is known as the film Orson Welles raided for costumes and props for his film version of Othello, in particular the fur coat he wears throughout that picture.  Othello is certainly a much better film than this.  Welles provides the only interest in this film

120 minutes.

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