Wednesday, November 17, 2010

1994 - BULLETS OVER BROADWAY Woody Allen's comedy about creating art

Woody Allen's film about creating a play with all the compromises and crap that comes up is a very funny film.  Allen mixes 1930's gangsters up with theatrical people for a pretty funny film

Woody Allen was really on the ball with this cast.  Dianne Wiest is the pompous windbag Broadway star who can manipulate the writer of the play with absolutely no problem.  Jennifer Tilly is the girlfriend of the gangster financing the play with a voice like a cockatoo, it's a cliched part but she brings if off.  John Cusak is the actor who gets to be the stand in for Woody in this film as the half assed intellectual who may not be as deep as he seems.  The film has a lot of other good actors, Jack Warden, Harvey Fierstein, Tracey Ullman and  Jim Broadbent, just to name a few.  Trivia note, the film also has Stacey Nelkin, the actual teenager Woody Allen was involved with (see Manhattan) in the 1970's.

After setting up the comic situations, Bullets Over Broadway runs out of gas towards the middle of the film.  The film runs a little over 90 minutes but it would probably would have played better if it was a little shorter.  However, this is one of his better 1990's films.  

98 minutes.

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