Thursday, October 13, 2016

2016 - STAR TREK BEYOND, overblown version of a TV episode of the series

This overblown Star Trek film, the third in the restarted series is just another junky action flick.  Too bad, because the cast was just starting to come together as an ensemble.  Simon Pegg the actor who plays Scottie is a co-writer on the film so there is some attempt to inject some humor into the series this time.  Unfortunately there isn't enough humor in the galaxy to smooth over this contrived plot.

It seems that the USS Enterprise on a mission to rescue another crew trapped on an alien planet is lured in to a trap by some alien megalomaniac who wants some super weapon stored on the Enterprise.

Star Trek Beyond is yet another summer popcorn film which just doesn't know when to quit.  The film is overloaded with action scene after action scene.  There is a prolonged fight towards the end of the film on some improbable space station that just goes on an on and adds nothing to the story other than to make the film longer than it needs to be.

I would rate this Star Trek film about as good as a mediocre episode of the old series.  At least the old series could have knocked this plot out in about 45 minutes without all the over stuffed action scenes.  A real missed opportunity.

122 minutes.

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