Wednesday, October 12, 2016

1969 - HARD CONTRACT, a so called thriller

What a pile of crap.  James Coburn is an assassin employed by the CIA.  While on a job he falls in love with the very good looking Lee Remick.  Thus an existentialist conflict is born. should he be a lover or a killer.  Time wasted on this dilema, almost two hours.

The film has a very decent supporting cast, Lilli Palmer, Burgess Meredith and Sterling Hayden among others.  They all yammer on with a bunch of ridiculous talk about love, relationships and in this case the place of  a hit man in the contemporary world.

This film has one of those ridiculous non ending endings.  Coburn decides he doesn't want to be a hired killer anymore and the film just stops.  The only people that got killed in this film were any audiences that actually payed money to see this thing.

106 minutes.

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