Monday, October 31, 2016

1991 - A MURDER OF QUALITY, the return of George Smiley

John Le Carre's master spy George Smiley is called in when there is a murder at a boys school in some rural location in England.  As usual with Le Carre, the film is about social and class differences in English society among other things..  The film also features another interpretation this time by Denholm Elliott of Smiley a very self deprecating character who is smart as a whip.

A Murder of Quality also features the rarely seen actress Glenda Jackson as Smiley's associate.  Jackson who quit acting in 1992 and went into politics. 

A Murder of Quality is a well made film with interesting characters that is very enjoyable as that type of civilized entertainment the British could knock out in the good old days.

103  minutes.

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