Wednesday, October 12, 2016

1959 - SLEEPING BEAUTY, on Blu Ray

Walt Disney went back to the well with another fairy tale story.  Disney had very good luck in the past adapting these types of stories.  This time The Disney studio spent lavishly on Sleeping Beauty, animating it in CinemaScope at a then record breaking budget of six million dollars.

Sleeping Beauty is one of Disney's most beautiful films.  Every scene looks incredible.  The design of the film is stunning with the visual qualities of the film always in the foreground.  Unfortunately this lush pictorial beauty tends to overwhelm the characters and more importantly the story.

The score was adapted from the Tchaikovsky ballet.  The film's director Clyde Genonimi is credited as the supervising director but really this type of animated project is the result of many artists and technicians.

The film runs a brisk 75 minutes. 

75 minutes.

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