Wednesday, October 12, 2016

2010 - PREDATORS, OK time killer

Another sequel to the original Predator.  The plot is basically an update and rehash of The Most Dangerous Game, that old warhorse.

This film has a decent cast who have to work pretty hard to bring any credibility of a rather outlandish story which has something to do with the Predator hunter aliens stealing humans from Earth and putting them into a planetary game preserve for the purpose of hunting them.  A real "oh brother" situation.

This is the usual mindless action film which is probably 10 minutes longer than it had to be.  The film has a lot of alien violence and blood (green colored).  The film cost about 40 million bucks which was cheap for this kind of stuff.  Mindless big budget action films are almost more obscene for the amount of money they waste than the amount of violence they inflict on the viewer when you are watching them.

107 minutes.

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