Thursday, October 13, 2016

2000 - U 571 it's a World War II movie it's got subs.

U-571 is a very very tall tale of a movie.  The premise,  American sailors on a submarine have to take over a German submarine in the middle of the Atlantic after their submarine is sunk.  This leads to a preposterous mission where the Americans in the German sub have to steal the Enigma coding device, oh whatever.

This is just a real contrived war movie to put it mildly.  The characters are the usual bunch of World War II stereotypes.  You have the old salt crew chief.  The captain who doubts himself but pulls it together in the end to complete the mission.  The green sailor on his first mission, etc.

The film had a big budget so it looks good and the action stuff is decent.  I guess you can classify this film as a typical "time killer."

As ridiculous as this film is, incredibly enough this story is based on a true incident that occurred during World War II.

116 minutes.

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