Monday, October 31, 2016

1954 - REAR WINDOW, the Hitchcock classic

Alfred Hitchcock and his writer John Michael Hayes created this film about voyeurism and didn't miss a trick incorporating a murder mystery into the plot.

James Stewart playing a photographer with a broken leg has noting to do but spy on his neighbors with his binoculars and eventually a telephoto camera.  Each different apartment window has it;'s own little story.  Eventually Stewart becomes aware that all is not right with the apartment directly across from his.  It seems the invalid wife of a salesman has suddenly vanished.

Hitchcock was always able to bring out the best in established actors.  James Stewart is very good as the photographer.  Thelma Ritter is the home health care nurse and Grace Kelly looking great as usual in her third Hitchcock film is good as Stewart's on again off again girlfriend.

Considering the dramatic and technical challenges this is an impressive and very entertaining film.

112 minutes.

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