Monday, October 31, 2016

1981 - INCHON, war movie from the Unification Church.

Inchon is the notorious war film financed by the Unification Church of Korea better known as the "moonies."  The film has gained a reputation as one of the worst films ever made.  After sitting through it I can report that it is not one of the worst films ever made.  In reality it is just another mediocre movie. 

The story line is about General Douglas MacArthur's brilliant amphibious landing to retake the city and port of Inchon during the Korean War.  The move mixes the usual war scenes with some dreary romantic triangle stuff before the big battle

The cast is certainly eclectic and somewhat notorious.  Laurence Olivier was hired to play Douglas MacArthur.  Ben Gazarra is his aide and the leader of a commando attack that saves the day.  Richard Roundtree is the token black guy and Jacqueline Bisset and her bosom play Gazzara's estranged wife.  Everyone is obviously here for the paycheck.

The director Terence Young had seen better days directing the early James Bond films.  This was clearly a paycheck  job for him as well.

140 minutes.

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