Monday, October 31, 2016

1967 - VALLEY OF THE DOLLS, campy trash fest if ever there was one.

For some reason Criterion decided to release this film into their collection.  I believe the thinking was that they were trying to market this mess as some sort of glorious camp fest for their audience.  After all one can't consume a steady diet of Ingmar Bergman and Ozu films. 

I don't know if Valley of the Dolls is worthy of the Criterion treatment.  Even if you consider the camp factor of the film, it's kind of struggle to get through this thing.  The story about three women trying to make it in show business has been done before so this isn't exactly an original plot going on here. 

The actors played by Patty Duke, Barbara Parkins and Sharon Tate are all over the place.  Duke had something of a reputation as a serious actor is all over the place.  She hams it up as a young Judy Garland type of character who resorts to popping pills to keep it going.  Barbara Parkins has that sophisticated sexy look thing going but can't act.  Sharon Tate of all people actually gives the best performance in the film.

The film was directed by Mark Robson an old Hollywood filmmaker.  Robson films the whole thing like a middle aged guy trying to act hip or as hip as you could be in 1967. 

123 minutes.

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