Sunday, May 7, 2017

1968 - BULLITT, vintage circa 60's cop movie

Wearing cool 60s turtle neck shirts, Steve McQueen is cool cop Frank Bullitt.  Bullitt is assigned to guard a Mafia witness but things don't go as well as they should.  The witness ends up dead and Bullitt is left hanging by his own department and an ambitious politician played by Robert Vaughn as one slimy dude.

This film actually has a decent plot for a cop thriller which had as the big selling point of an extended car chase through the nearly deserted streets of San Francisco.

The film was well directed by a good director Peter Yates.  McQueen was playing a bad ass strong but silent cop character butting heads with "the system."  However for all his bad assedness he still gets to sleep with Jacqueline Bissett who has the usual cliched part of the girlfriend. 

The film still holds up pretty well and looked pretty good on blu ray.

113 minutes.

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