Tuesday, May 9, 2017

1982 -THE THING - on Blu Ray

For once a remake of a film classic that doesn't disgrace the original film.   John Carpenter an admitted fan of Howard Hawks takes the old Hawks film and rethinks it completely.

Carpenter and his writer Bill Lancaster go back to the original short story and update it with 80's state of the art special effects.

The monsters in this thing are really something to see, the special effects wizard Rob Bottin and his team really outdid themselves in the practical effects department.  When I saw this film on first release this was when I realized that they could now put anything into a motion picture when it came to special effects.

The film probably suffered from being a little too graphic for the general public.  It wasn't the box office success it should have been.  Going agains E.T at the time probably didn't help it's commercial possibilities.

109 minutes.

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