Sunday, March 19, 2017

2016 - NOW YOU SEE ME 2 - sequel to a film I didn't see.

A sequel to a film I didn't see.  From what I can gather this is a team of crime fighting magicians who right wrongs and call themselves The Horsemen for some reason.

The team gets involved with a British crook played by the Harry Potter kid Daniel Radcliffe who I guess isn't a kid any more but is certainly short enough to be a kid.  Anyway they have to steal a computer chip that can control all the world's computers. It used to diamonds now it's computer stuff these days.

After lots of improbable adventures involving magic tricks we finally get to the big magic trick to trap the villains at the end end of the movie which is pretty lame quite frankly.

Really when you get down to it this is just Mission Impossible with some magic tricks thrown into it.
The film is over two hours which is way too long for this kind of film.

129 minutes.

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