Wednesday, May 31, 2017

1972 - WAY OF THE DRAGON, Bruce Lee auteur

A film written and directed by Bruce Lee.  This is an unusual Bruce Lee movie in that he attempts to mix some comedy with the usual martial arts action stuff.

The plot involves Lee flying to Rome to save a Chinese restaurant that is being threatened by local gangsters.  The story is really just an excuse as usual for Bruce Lee to beat up a lot of guys which he does with his usual a plumb.  

The film is rather poorly directed but once Lee gives up on the silly comedy at the beginning of the film and gets down to the fighting stuff the film finally comes to life.  Towards the end Bruce Lee takes on Chuck Norris who was in his prime as a martial artist.  Guess who wins.

As with most Bruce Lee films the martial arts fights are really something to watch.

100 minutes.

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