Tuesday, May 23, 2017

1959 - COMPULSION, based on a true story

The thinly disguised story of Leopold and Loeb is turned into a reasonably compelling film shot in widescreen black and white.  Leopold and Loeb were clearly a gay couple,  homosexuality in this film is made to seem like about as big a crime as the murder they commit. 

Leopold and Loeb got it into their heads that they were intellectually superior individuals.  To prove their superiority they decided to commit the perfect murder.  Of course in real life their perfect crime unraveled and they went on trial for murder.  They were defended by the famous defense lawyer Clarence Darrow.

Orson Welles plays Darrow, he was apparently a big pain in the ass on the set.  The director Richard Fleischer had to use every trick in the photography book to match the continuity during the trial scenes with Welles  Welles apparently was extremely uncooperative while filming his scenes.

An interesting film if not really a great one.

103 minutes.

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