Monday, May 29, 2017

1983 - OCTOPUSSY, Bond movie number 13.

The last Roger Moore James Bond film that was any good.  Moore was entirely comfortable in the part.  The production was the usual classy job from the Bond producers.  The action and stunts scenes were well done.  The final action scene in an airplane was particularly outstanding.  

Roger Moore was always a particularly lightweight actor and the part of James Bond was tailored for him accordingly.  His films had a lighter touch to them than the Connery films.  Roger Moore's Bond did toughen up later in the series but he was always a pretty laid back kind of actor.

This Bond film actually has an espionage plot for a change and the typical Bond gadgets are a little more realistic than usual.  Even the sexist girl stuff is not too tiresome in this film.

131 minutes.

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