Sunday, May 7, 2017

2016 - SULLY, a hero for our times so they tell us

Good thing we have men like Sully Sullenberger or is it Tom Hanks on the job?  Sully effortless lands a plane on the Hudson River saving the lives of the passengers this all occurs in about 4 minutes in real life.  In the movie Sully somehow this is stretched out to about and hour and a half of screen time.

The film was directed by Clint Eastwood in his typical straightforward approach to making movies.  Frankly the movie looks like a TV film most of the time.

Not only does Sully save the passengers he also takes on the mean Federal Government in the persona of the NTSB.  It seems the NTSB wants to hang Sully out to dry by proving he had enough power left in hi engines to return to the airport and land the plane properly instead of crashing it into the drink.  But the government is no match for Sully who proves them wrong.  The implication almost comes off as we should take Sully's word for what happens and not investigate plane crashes as thoroughly as possible. 

Still this is a fairly entertaining film mostly because nice guy actor Tom Hanks holds the film together with another expert performance.  As seems to be the way with these true stories that get turned into movies the post credits scene shows the real life Sully and the passengers getting together for a reunion.  Somehow this just makes me want to see a good documentary on this incident instead of this usual jacked up Hollywood hokum.

96 minutes.

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