Wednesday, May 10, 2017

1948 - FOUR FACES WEST, a good little western

A good little western with nice guy actor Joel McCrea as a bank robber who is chased by the legendary lawman Pat Garrett.  The story involves McCrea on the run from the law who for robbing a bank.  As McCrea attempts to escape he ends up at the ranch of a sick family.  McCrea has to decide if he will help the family or continue to make his way to Mexico to escape the law.

This film is a simple morality tale with a good cast that helps put the story over.  There is a love interest in the person of Francis Dee who was married to McCrea in real life.  Theirs was one of the more successful Hollywood marriages as they were together for over 57 years.

This film has nice scenery and a pleasant manner to it.  The film only runs about and hour and a half and tells its story efficiently.

90 minutes.

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