Thursday, September 24, 2015

2015 - ALOHA, trying to be fair to this comedy/drama

With this cast, it seemed only fair to give this film a chance.  However critics just killed this film when it came out particularly heaping their ire on the writer/director Cameron Crowe.  Sadly this is a case where the bad reviews are deserved.

It seems that Cameron Crowe can't seem to do anything right these days.  At one time he was the golden boy with films like Jerry Maguire and Almost Famous.  He's apparently in movie hell with junk like We Bought a Zoo, Elizabethtown and Vanilla Sky.  Although I would have to say I have never really cared for any of his films after Jerry Maguire.

I suppose a plot recap would be in order but suffice it to say the film isn't worth it.  The film shows signs of some serious editing and it's well know that Sony Pictures hated the film.  But honestly picking on this film is like stepping on ants, it's easy to snuff them out.

Cameron Crowe is know to be a devotee of Billy Wilder and even wrote a book about him.  Crowe sure didn't seem to learn the any lesson from Wilder, the chief one being "if you have trouble in your third act you better go back and see what's going wrong in your first act."

105 minutes

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