Wednesday, September 2, 2015


This low budget "Aliens invade the Earth" film has the advantage of being scripted by Hammer pictures ace screenwriter Jimmy Sangster although it it not a Hammer Production.  Sangster was a writer who could write in the low budget horror/science fiction genre and still if maybe not gold at least make some silver out of a script full of hay. 

In the Swiss town of Trollenberg the mountain near the town has a mysterious cloud which never moves.  As climbers approach the cloud they either vanish or come back acting strangely different.  In an attempt to figure this out Forrest Tucker of all people is the UN investigator trying to sort out this weirdness.  For an all British production which features all British actors, Tucker a rather larger than life personality is surprisingly restrained.  The cast also included future Walt Disney star Janet Munro who died at a very young age.

Jimmy Sangster's story certainly crammed a lot of stuff into it.  There's mind control, zombies, one eyed aliens and a decent amount of creepy atmosphere which runs throughout the film.  Make no mistake, this is still a "B" science fiction film but it's fairly well done for what it is.

84 minutes.

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