Saturday, September 12, 2015

1941 - CONFIRM OR DENY, a good 40's war drama

40's star Don Ameche is the editor of a news wire service sort of based on the Associated Press or United Press International.  Joan Bennett is the teletype operator in the office.  Ameche is the brash American looking for a scoop at any price, Bennett is the more reserved British citizen trying to keep Ameche from revealing to much about England's war efforts for the sake of a good story.

This 20th Century Fox film made during World War II was a surprise to me.  It's very entertaining and moves along at a fast pace.  Don Ameche was always sort of a lightweight leading man for Fox but here he's pretty good playing a variation on the Walter Burns character from The Front Page.

It's almost refreshing to see a film that doesn't have a torrid office romance going on between Ameche and Bennett.  The film stays focused on the story and the background of the London Blitz.  Frankly all this lovey dovey stuff always seems out of place in these war movies when people are supposedly fighting for their lives.

Confirm or Deny was actually started by Fritz Lang who directed it for a couple of weeks before he either got sick or quit the film.  Archie Mayo a decent studio director finished the film.  A very entertaining film.

74  minutes.

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