Wednesday, September 2, 2015

1947 - THE LADY FROM SHANGHAI, very disappointing Orson Welles film.

The story goes that Orson Welles ran out of money during the production of some Broadway musical he was directing.  He persuaded Columbia Pictures President Harry Cohn to send him the money and in exchange he would write and direct a noir film with his wife, sexy Rita Hayworth.

Apparently what Harry Cohn got for his money was a talky and confusing mess of a film.  Welles even dared to change Hayworth's look, cutting her her and coloring it blonde. much to Cohn's displeasure.  Cohn demanded lots of cuts and reshooting of scenes but the film never came together.

The Fun House and Hall of Mirrors sequences are brilliant pieces of film making but they occur towards the end of the film and both sequences together are about 10 minutes long hardly worth sitting through this turkey.  You can probably find them on YouTube and save yourself some time.

Considering the mess this film is it would appear that Welles just had no interest in this film.  The Lady From Shanghai is not recommended viewing.

87 minutes.

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