Thursday, September 24, 2015

1996 - DAYLIGHT, Stallone to the rescue

Jewel thieves have blown up some tunnel in New York City leaving people trapped as the water from the river or ocean or somewhere starts to rise.  Lucky for them taxi driver Sylvester Stallone who used to be a firefighter/rescue guy has been trained in saving people from underground tunnels.  Yes, it's The Poseidon Adventure in a tunnel.

This film has a good cast, Amy Brenneman, Claire Bloom, Barry Newman, Viggo Mortensen and Dan Hedaya.  The tunnel set is actually very impressive, I think I read somewhere that they actually built it full scale on some Italian soundstage at Cinecitta Studios, apparently the production team could flood it, that's pretty cool.

Otherwise, seen it all before.

114 minutes.

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