Tuesday, September 15, 2015

1939 - THE RAINS CAME - another impressive film from 20th Century Fox and Darryl F Zanuck

Another well made classic Hollywood film from 20th Century Fox and in particular Darryl F. Zanuck.
When Zanuck found a story he felt was good he would bring all of the resources of 20th Century Fox to the production.

Zanuck hired MGM studio director Clarence Brown.  Brown was a film director who brought out the best in actors and knew how to produce quality work within the studio system.  Zanuck put together an excellent cast which included Tyrone Power, Nigel Bruce, Myrna Loy and George Brent.  Zanuck also spent lavishly on the sets and the special effects which still look very good.

The story involves a rather chaste romance between an Englishwoman and an Indian doctor played.  If everyone in the film is for the most part played by Caucasian actors, well that's Hollywood casting in the 1930's I guess.

The fact that a 77 year old film can still hold up and be involving is a tribute to Zanuck's skill as a producer.   Zanuck always knew that when it was all said and done a good story was the most important aspect in putting together an interesting and good drama. 

103 minutes.

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