Thursday, September 17, 2015

2012 - THE EMPEROR, another piece of pretentious crap

Was Emperor Hirohito a part of the Japanese War planning efforts against the United States?  Is he a possible war criminal who should be tried?  General MacArthur sends one of his top aides General Bonner Fellers to investigate.

However Fellers has other things on his mind than the complicity of the Emperor of Japan during World War II.  Feller seems to spend most of his time looking for his old Japanese girlfriend, after all priorities are priorities. 

This film is just a piece of crap.  You get no insight into the Japanese character other than the Japanese can be real nice or real mean.  The film is a complete failure in what could have been an interesting story about the American Occupation of Japan.

Utterly worthless as a movie and as the old saying goes it's a couple of hours I won't be getting back.

106 minutes.

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