Friday, September 2, 2016

1992 - DON QUIJOTE DE ORSON WELLES, pretty much a travesty

What a mess.  Welles "companion" Oja Kodar, the keeper of Welles unfinished film footage somehow decided schlock/porn Spanish filmmaker Jess Franco was the man to assemble this footage from
his Don Quixote project.  It appears that Welles was never able to get a handle on what type of film he wanted to make.  So Don Quixote along with other films of his remained unfinished.

Franco's assembly of this footage is to put it mildly, atrocious.  Shots don't match, the english dubbing on the soundtrack is horrible and scenes are inserted that were not even parts of Welles footage.  Instead the viewer is stuck with watching endless shots of parades marching down the streets of some Spanish town and a general incoherence that pervades the entire project.

What a viewer comes away with in the end is some very brief glimpses of what might have been.  The lead actor Francisco Reiguera looks like he would have been ideally cast as Don Quixote and as Sancho Panza who else but one of Orson Welles favorite actors Akim Tamiroff.

Still, this film is basically a complete waste of time even if it has footage shot by Orson Welles.

116 minutes.

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