Sunday, September 25, 2016

1962 - SERGEANTS 3, a remake of a remake

The last film containing all of 'The Rat Pack" before Frank Sinatra kicked Peter Lawford out of the group.  This film is a remake of George Steven's Gunga Din which was a remake of The Front Page.

The director is John Sturges who had worked with Sinatra before and had probably knew what he was getting into.  For the most part the first half of the film works pretty well since it sticks to the first half of Gunga Din.  After a while the film starts to take a toll on my patience especially with the Sammy Davis Jr. character Jonah the freed slave civil war slave. 

The film has nice scenery since it was filmed Utah and Sturges as usual was good at deploying his actors in rugged landscapes.

An OK time killer.

112 minutes

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