Sunday, September 25, 2016

1959 - THE HORSE SOLDIERS, John Ford's Civil War drama

A big budget Civil War film.  John Ford was a noted Civil War history buff but various reasons the film didn't really meet anyone's expectations.  The chief problem seems to be the script.  Although it is "based on a true story" for whatever that's worth.  The Horse Soldiers is about a Union raid into the deep South around 1863.  The inclusion of a love interest for John Wayne in the film and a very contrived conflict between Wayne's Union Colonel and William Holden's doctor is really hard to believe and adds nothing to the story.

Still it's an entertaining film.  Ford is able to muster some of his strength's in composition and the cinematographer William Clothier has given the film a beautiful golden look. 

This is a professional piece of film making.  Let's face it they can't all be masterpieces from John Ford.  But he did know how to tell a story.  Most John Ford fans don't really care for this film, but it's pretty good on it's own merits.

119 minutes.

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