Sunday, September 25, 2016

1950 - SO LONG AT THE FAIR, attempt at a Hitchcock like thriller

A brother and sister travel to Paris to attend the Paris Exposition of 1889.  The brother mysteriously vanishes or does he?  Everyone the sister meets tells her that she traveled alone and no brother ever existed.  Let the mystery begin as the sister and some guy she meets attempt to figure our what is going on.

The stars are the very pretty Jean Simmons and British matinee idol Dirk Bogarde before he became a real actor.  The brother is played by David Tomlinson who everyone will recognize as Mr Banks from Mary Poppins.

This film kind of plods along as the mystery of the brother's disappearance unravels.  Frankly the film is so stolid and kind of lifeless that the resolution is disappointing.  The film really needed an Alfred Hitchcock to whip it into shape and juice up the suspense situations.

86 minutes.

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