Saturday, September 3, 2016

1985 - TO LIVE AND DIE IN LA - a tough crime thriller

Tough guy director William Friedkin tries for that old French Connection magic again with this sordid tale of a couple of Secret Service agents tracking down a dangerous counterfeiter.

Friedkin probably could do this type of film in his sleep.  He has another exciting car chase and lots of action to keep things moving along.  The cast at the time this film came out was mostly unknown actors which helped with the realism of the film.  This was similar to what Friedkin did in The French Connection, using Gene Hackman who at the time of that film was relatively unknown.

The film was photographed by Robby Müller who frequently worked with German director Wim Wenders and independent film maker Jim Jarmusch.  Müller gave the movie a real Los Angeles "look." 

People who enjoy cop movies should enjoy this one.

116 minutes.

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