Saturday, September 3, 2016


We're on a Scottish island at a British navel testing station.  It seems there is a powerful explosive that the navy is trying to stick into the warhead of a torpedo to blow stuff up.  The trouble seems to be that the explosive tends to blow the submarine up before the torpedo can be fired out of the sub.  After several failures the British Navy sends for USN Lt. Gene Kelly (playing a scientist) to figure out what's going wrong.

The drama arises from the British personnel resenting the involvement of the United States Navy in solving their little torpedo problem.  Perhaps things could have been worked out if Kelly had performed one of his song and dance numbers, from Singing in the Rain or An American in Paris.

Kelly seems a little out of place in this film surrounded by all of these Limeys, but he's actually not to bad.  It just goes to show you that if you spend a life in the musical comedy genre it tends to really typecast you in more dramatic roles.

Seagulls Over Sorrento is capably by Roy Bolting who combines character studies of the sailors with humor and drama.

92 minutes.

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