Friday, September 2, 2016

1954 - TARGET EARTH, a rather zany low budget science fiction film

From low budget studio Allied Artists suppliers of cheap crime and science fiction films comes this rather interesting space invasion film with a pretty stiff alien robot monster.  In fact the monster looks like it is made out of cardboard for the most part.

Trapped behind enemy lines.  5 people must survive in deserted Chicago as these goofy killer space robots wander the city.  At least one of them any.  I can't recall seeing more than 1 robot at a time.

As if killer robots from space isn't enough of a problem, 1 of the 5 individuals hiding out in Chicago,  is some sort of psycho criminal with a gun who trying to run the show. 

Target Earth's cheapness and B movie cast make the film fun to watch.  The film stars Richard Denning who kind of made a career out of this stuff.  Denning's last gig was playing the Governor of Hawaii on the Hawaii 5-0 TV series.

75 minutes.

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