Saturday, January 12, 2013

2012 - LINCOLN, 1st in the Lincoln film trilogy

Finally a good Spielberg film after crap like Tin Tin and Indiana Jones.  Spielberg supposedly spent 10 years off and on developing this film.  Tony Kushner was the 3rd writer on the project who delivered a script based on all the political maneuvering that went on to pass the 13th amendment.

In  a film like this the acting runs the show and there is no question Daniel Day Lewis has given a very committed performance.  He got a lot of decent support from a number of actors.  David Strathairn as Secretary of State William Seward who's life and career you could make a film about. Seward was responsible for the purchase of Alaska from the Russians.

 Sally Field,  has received some criticism as Mary Todd Lincoln.  I thought she was all right.   Mary Todd Lincoln was kind of crazy.  Tommy Lee Jones played Thaddeus Stevens a radical Republican legislator.  I didn't care for this character.  This is what happens when you give a larger then life actor a larger then life character, lots of hammy acting.

Also didn't care much for the photography of Janusz Kaminski who Spielberg works with these days, too many artistic shots of diffused sunlight shining through windows for me.  John Williams did the music as usual and he seems to have restrained himself, the film isn't swimming in music.

Final minor criticism, the film is a little long and the ending showing Lincoln dead in bed probably was unnecessary the film could have easily ended with Lincoln's impressive 2nd inaugural address a speech that is inscribed on his Memorial.

Everything in this film is about the writing and acting and it's on a very high level.

150 minutes.

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