Sunday, January 13, 2013

1984 - FEAR CITY, fantasy on NYC gangsters, strippers & psycho killers

A psycho killer skilled in martial arts is mutilating and killing strippers in order to "purify" New York City in this junk from supposed cult director Abel Ferrara. 

Ferrara indulges himself with lots of scenes of women taking their clothes off particularly Melanie Griffith who never seemed to have had much of a problem with disrobing for movies.  Throw in a lot of violence particularly directed at women and mix in some nonsense about rival gangsters competing for the stripper business and you got one sleazy piece of junk.

Fear City has nice photography particularly of NYC strip clubs and an interesting supporting cast with actors like Jan Murray, Rossano Brazzi and playwright and acting coach Michael V. Gazzo.  The leads Tom Berenger and Melanie Griffith seem miscast, California actors pretending to be east coasters.

What finally kills this film is the ridiculous amount of cliches that Ferrara piles on to this film, I mean really a psycho killer roaming the streets of New York City, come on.

95 minutes

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