Saturday, January 19, 2013

1936 - KING OF THE PECOS, semi early John Wayne western

The excellent DVD Savant website gave this early B-movie John Wayne western a good review, so I took a look at it.

Well it's short which is nice for a change, it comes in under an hour.  John Wayne wears a white hat and rides a white horse so you know he's the good guy.  Wayne plays a lawyer/gunfighter out for revenge against the guy who killed his father when he was a young kid for the water rights.

It's easy to see why John Wayne became a star, his easy going personality is predominant throughout the film, he certainly outshines his female lead Muriel Evans,  you probably aren't going to see a lot of blog posts about her career

The end of the film has the standard good guys vs. bad guys fight.  It's kind of unnerving to watch these stuntmen fall off of horses and horses taking spills.  This was all done for real back in the 1930's.

Overall not bad.

54 minutes

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