Saturday, January 12, 2013

1977 - AIRPORT '77, the 2nd in the Airport trilogy sequels.

This Airport film doesn't really reach the highs of the first zany sequel.  This time they sink the 747 in the Bermuda Triangle which leads to a spectacular rescue sequence courtesy of the United States Navy.

In Airport '77, our past his prime star is Jack Lemmon who actually brings a surprising amount of conviction to the part of heroic pilot Captain Don Gallagher.  Brenda Vaccaro is 2nd billed as his main squeeze.  James Stewart is the millionaire who has placed his substantial art collection on board the 747 which is hijacked by a gang of thieves bent on stealing the collection.

The cast is not really up to the goofy standards of the first film but it does have some interesting actors in it.  Arlene Golonka, Tom Sullivan, Lee Grant, Gil Gerard, Pamela Bellwood, Juanita Moore, Robert Foxworth and George Kennedy again as Joe Patroni although his part is just a glorified cameo.

The director victim on this film is Jerry Jameson a television veteran of shows like Ironside, The Six Million Dollar Man and Dallas.  Jameson gets the job done for what this film is, a rip off of a rip off.

Jerry Jameson would probably be an interesting guy to interview, he's really been around.  He was an editor on TV shows like I Spy, Gomer Pyle and That Girl

113 minutes.

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