Sunday, January 20, 2013

1979 - FIREPOWER, not a winner from Michael Winner

Even for prehistoric auteur Michael Winner,  this film is pretty low by his standards.  Firepower is a confused mess of an action thriller, that wants to be an Alister MacLean type of story with a little more violence thrown in for the late 1970's.

Originally set up as a Charles Bronson film.  Supposedly he backed out when the producer Sir Lew Grade didn't create a part for his wife Jill Ireland.  If you can't get Charles Bronson, (who had no taste in scripts) to star in your film then it's probably going to be a really bad film

Sophia Loren is top billed and although a great beauty she's looking a little rough.  She was probably in her mid 40's when she made this and between the amount of makeup and the wigs she had seen better days.  James Coburn was clearly brought in to fill in for Bronson in some sort of strange double role.  He did what he had to do in this film, shoot lots of people and set a lot of stuff on fire.

As typical with a Michael Winner film, everything is shot and recorded on location.  The stunts are real which include driving a bulldozer through a house or actually setting people on fire.  The film has a lot of action however it's still a pile of crap.

104 minutes.

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