Sunday, January 6, 2013

1981 - FOR YOUR EYES ONLY, on Blu Ray

Watching For Your Eyes Only after seeing the super serious and frankly not much fun Skyfall here are a few thoughts:

Roger Moore is actually pretty stiff when it comes to the action sequences.  Fortunately he was lucky to be directed by John Glen the ace editor and 2nd unit director who had worked under Peter Hunt the original editor of the Bond films.  Glen knew how to pace an action sequence.

Roger Moore finally figured out how to meld his personality into the Bond character.  He actually looked like he's worried a couple of times throughout the film.  Carole Bouquet was a good looking model who did a pretty good job in a serious role for a Bond girl.  This film had a decent cast, Topol, Lynn-Holly Johnson as a horny figure skater and Julian Glover as the main bad guy.

The bottom line, everyone tried a little harder for a more realistic Bond film after the entertaining but excessive and out of control Moonraker.  Skyfall may be making the big bucks but it drained the fun out of the series.

127 minutes.

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