Friday, January 18, 2013

1979 - THE CONCORDE...AIRPORT 79, final film in the sequel series

The final film in the Airport sequel series, The Concorde...Airport 79, should have been the goofiest of them all with another crazed cast mash up and a plot which features the Concorde jet evading cruise missiles and renegade jet fighters.  It's certainly got a lot of silliness going on for it, but at this point this sequel has so descended into some kind of absurd parody that it's not really much fun as a campy bad movie.

The casting is as nutty as ever.  John Davidson as a sports reporter, Charo as Charo, Alain Delon (who had worked with Visconti and Jean Pierre Melville), George Kennedy as Patroni and soft core porn actress Sylvia Kristel.

Jennnings Lang the producer and writer on this one loads up the rest of the film with the usual eclectic actors, Susan Blakely, Robert Wagner, Eddie Albert, Bibi Andersson, Martha Raye, Cicely Tyson, Jimmie J. J. Walker, Sybil Danning, David Warner, Mercedes McCambridge and Avery Schneider.  It's actually more fun looking at the names then watching them in the movie.

After watching two hours of this stuff what make the biggest impression is the complete waste of talent and money on this movie.

123 minutes

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