Monday, February 6, 2017

1995 - MIAMI RHAPSODY, poor copy of a Woody Allen film

A very poor excuse of a film.  The writer/director David Frankel copies a Woody Allen movie without any of the wit of Woody's view of relationships. 

The film stars Sarah Jessica Parker in the Woody Allen role, the neurotic Jew trying to sort out her various relationships.  Instead of being set in Manhattan this film uses Miami for it's location and I suppose Frankel thought it was clever to do a sex change with a female playing the neurotic character.
Parker apes Woody's character so closely that about the only thing she doesn't do is stammer.

It doesn't help the film that Mia Farrow, Woody's muse in a number of his films is cast as Parker's mother.  It just makes the cribbing from Woody even more obvious. 

Woody Allen is a hit or miss filmmaker these days but films like Miami Rhapsody make you appreciate how hard it is to do this type of bittersweet comedy.

105 minutes. 

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